Social Media Consultancy Case Study: Hayward Wright

Hayward Wright Accountancy Group delivers a comprehensive and proactive range of business finance services and supports clients from a wide range of sectors within the West Midlands.

The aim

Well known locally, this busy accountancy firm was already active on the three main social media platforms, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

It recognised however, that their social media activity could more targeted and strategic, with increased involvement from the team.

In addition, because accountancy can be seen as a dry topic they also wanted to profile the organisation’s brand personality and the ‘people behind the numbers.’

The delivery

Working on a consultative basis, Richard Brown from IM9ACT visited the Hayward Wright office once a month, over a half year period.

Working with the team he began by reviewing current social media activity, reach and analytics.

The next stage was devising a strategic ‘social media map’ to feed appropriate and consistent content.

A key part of the delivery was ensuring that all the analytics could easily be understood and applied by the Hayward Wright team.

A corporate LinkedIn page plus a structure for automotive postings (via buffer social media software) were also set up.

The difference made

Jessica Deadman at Hayward Wright said, “IM9ACT brought us the perfect combination of understanding, confidence and strategy and we are now very comfortable and proactive in terms of our social media delivery.

“We still keep in touch with Richard and it’s great to have him on hand to ensure we continue to deliver in the best possible way.

“Most importantly we are extremely pleased with the uplift in business leads and enquiries we have seen.”





Danes Green